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Nashville wedding singer Lori Stegner

The Perfect Singer For Your Wedding

Music sets the tone of your wedding, and expresses your particular style. The songs are a soundtrack of your wedding, and will be a part of your memories of that special day for years to come. And on a day when words can only say so much, music is another way to express the love between your and your spouse-to-be. A professional singer with years of stage experience, Lori can sing virtually any musical genre, from classic wedding songs to contemporary favorites. A capella or accompanied, Lori is confident and professional, with a beautiful, expressive voice to matches the emotion of the day.

Nashville wedding singer Lori Stegner

Lori on Singing At Weddings

I love the joy at a wedding! I love the hope and the dreams and the commitment, and I love being a part of such a special day for someone. But having been to many a wedding, I know the things that can go wrong and either ruin the moment or at least break the wonderful spell that's being created. That's where my stage experience comes in handy--I've learned about being ready for my cue, even when it comes late or early. And I've been known to cover for a late bride with an impromptu extra song or two!

There's a beautiful simplicity and focus to a capella songs at a wedding, particularly hymns. I sing regularly at my church, so I'm familiar with most Christian hymns. While some singers are shy about singing unaccompanied, that's never been a problem for me! If you prefer accompaniment, I can work with the pianist, organist or band of your choice, or maybe talk my husband Phillip Stegner into it. He's my best accompaniest ever (that's why I married him!) and he never tears up during a ceremony. Well, almost never.

Call me at (615) 754-9776 or email me about singing at your wedding. You can listen to samples of my voice here on the website--check out the Pop Singer, R&B Singer and Country Singer pages. If you like, I can email you mp3s. I know you'll want a commitment early so you have one less thing to worry about--and by the way, I've never missed a gig yet!

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