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Spokesmodel Lori Stegner in gold
Spokesmodel Lori Stegner at awards presentation

Spokesmodel Who Can Multi-task

Lori: I always walk into any situation prepared to punt and ready to adjust to clients needs quickly. Situations can change regardless of pre-production and they usually do. I give my clients an instant comfort level by paying attention to details. They won't have to worry about me because I'm all over it. Elvis used to call it, "TCB." If I see something about to go wrong and it falls within my responsibility, I take care of it. Working in the trade show world, I'm able to diffuse both vendors and attendees in all kinds of situations. As a Mistress of Ceremonies or General Sessions Announcer, I have been required to rewrite scripts on the spot, during the show. Lets not forget the ultimate in glam, the "Trophy Babe." I not only can stand and walk in high heels for hours on end but also balance an award with one hand and make sure the CEO doesn't fall off the stage with the other. And course with a million watt smile! I have worked with more production companies than I can possibly name, so understanding theatre blocking terms is a plus. I can hit the same stage marks every time for specific camera angles and I have no problem, "finding the light." I have not done a spokemodeling job yet that something didn't go wrong and to others around me, it seemed like the sky was falling. Panic is not in my vocabulary. I rarely flinch. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who freeze from fear and those who take action to fix the problem. Guess which one I am?

Representing the Company

Spokesmodel and presenter Lori Stegner

It takes more than just a pretty face to be a great spokesmodel. For me, it’s important to educate myself on the product or concept I’m speaking for. In order to engage my target audience, I must be able to identify with the subject matter honestly and with positive conviction. Corporations are looking for a “personality” to represent them. Someone who can truly express the superlative attributes of their product or idea. Someone who embodies the essence of everything that is phenomenally good about the company. Someone who lives by example and who will never embarrass the company under any circumstances. I take that very seriously because I understand that my image and speaking abilities can make or break an ad campaign. The fact that I have “been there and done that” adds to the diversity of my capabilities and allows me to think outside the box when given the opportunity. I’m always willing to learn more and I take direction extremely well. Growing up in a military family and moving every few years, I learned the importance of getting a long well with others and made friends quickly. I am proud to be able to walk into any situation and feel completely at ease while making everyone else around me feel just as comfortable. I do believe the eyes are the windows to the soul and if you don’t believe in what you’re talking about, it will show. That is simply not an option for me. If I’m talking, I believe it and so will everyone else within earshot. My husband affectionately refers to me as “the deal closer” and I can do the same for you. From training videos to corporate trade show conventions and everything in between, I’ll exceed your expectations and take your company to the next level!

Call (615) 754-9776 or email Lori to discuss your needs for a spokesmodel in Nashville or the surrounding area.

Lori is a capable, effective spokesmodel for a variety of businesses and products. Here's a list of clients:

AAHOA Indigo Woman's Health
Land O'Frost Averitt
ADT Security California Sexual Harassment
The Microplane Renal Care
Dollar General HCA
LifeWay Nelson Publishing
Mayfield Dairy Dow Chemicals & Milliken Carpet
Lifetime of Country Music w/ Glen Campbell Life Point Hospitals
Branded J Luxury Make Up Brushes Elderly Abuse / TBI & APS
Cortana Mall Nautilus Fitness
Praxis Children's Vaccine Power By Hand
Praxis Pediatric Vaccine Nelson Pub. Bible Reference Books
UAB Medical Center BBA Nonwovens
Marconi Medical Systems Vanderbilt Dialysis Center
Living Bible Total Restaurant Management
Bass Pro Shop  

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