Singing Telegrams

Marilyn Monroe Impersonator Lori Stegner

Singing Telegrams

Know any man who's turning a year older? Make him feel young and sexy again with a singing telegram from America's Sweetheart Marilyn Monroe. . . or the next best thing to her. A singing telegram by Lori is fast, fun and sexy. Imagine his surprise when "Marilyn" walks into the restaurant--or the office--and whispers "Happy Birthday" in his ear! Aside from any specific requests, Lori will crash your birthday bash on time and right on key, starting with "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend." Always the performer, she'll "work the room" making her way to the Birthday Boy to sing her inimitable re-creation of Marilyn's famous birthday song to President Kennedy. Following this, Lori is happy to pose for pictures with everyone....well worth the $150.00! Your favorite man will never forget this birthday and he'll even get an autographed photo of Lori as Marilyn for a keepsake.

Singing telegram in Nashville by Lori Stegner

Telegrams from Other Stars

Marilyn not your guy's style? Maybe he'd prefer a singing telegram from Shania Twain, Patsy Cline, Tina Turner or Cousin Minnie Pearl. Or maybe even from Governor Sarah Palin! Check Lori's impersonations of these stars and see what she can do to make your party unique.

Singing telegrams can often be booked on short notice. Call today to see if "Marilyn" or one of the other stars are free on your guy's special day! (615) 754-9776. Or email Lori to ask about a singing telegram for your party.

Hear Marilyn sing Happy Birthday!

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