Commercial Actor Audition Coach

Lori Stegner, Nashville Acting Coach

Learning To Act Naturally In Commercial Work

Allow me to borrow the hook from my favorite Buck Owens tune, “All ya gotta do is act naturally.”  It’s sounds so simple and yet, it can be hard to do.  People are always asking me how I get so much work. Well, I followed my mother’s advice,  “Just be yourself.”  Commercial and movie acting is completely different from “theatre” work.  If you’re trying to make the transition from theatre to commercials or movies, you really need someone to coach you in the right direction.  If you’re not sure which direction you want to go in, I can help you find your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Less Is More In Commercial Acting

Performing in theatres in front of large crowds often requires a larger than life voice projection and body language.  Everything is done big, over emphasized or it doesn’t “read.”  If there are 1000’s of seats in the venue, you have to be able to reach the back row.  I’m not talking about shouting your lines, that’s what hidden microphones are for.  I’m talking about using your “emotional” projection to make the back row feel like they have front row seats. 

Finding Your Place As A Commercial Actor

With commercial and movie acting, it’s just you and the camera.  You have to learn to tune everything else out.  It’s all about pulling your audience into you.  It’s smaller, more intimate.  It’s about making it real.  It’s about being real.  You have to be able to endear yourself because the camera lens sees everything.   It’s not uncommon to be given direction and then have to execute it with only your eyes or your face and nothing spoken.   Think about that for a moment.  Have you ever watched a commercial or a movie scene where the actor said everything with only his or her face?  Wouldn’t you like to be able to do that?  I can teach you how.  If you do have lines, you also need to be able to deliver them with different inflection and do it fast because time is money.  One of my favorite directors once said to me, “Lori, think conspiratorial.”  I got the scene in one take.  He told me exactly what I needed to do with only one word.  You won’t always be lucky enough to work with directors who know what they want.  That’s why you have to be able to bring something to the table.  That’s what you’re getting paid for. 

How To Gain Experience In Commercial Acting

I learned what I know the old fashioned way; gaining experience, auditioning, working for it, a master class or two, absorbing everything and everyone around me.  I was a sponge and I’m still always eager to learn.  I wouldn’t trade any of my experiences. Anyone who wants to get into commercial acting or movies needs to understand the basics and that’s what I can offer you.  Not just the acting part but how to audition!  Clothes, make up, speaking, standing, body language, headshots, all that!  You’ll soon learn that competition is fierce but the fellowship among talent is supportive.  The opportunity is there and that’s what makes it so exciting.  All it takes is one national commercial or a movie with residuals and your income could be more than most people make in a year. 

Learning The Basics Of Commercial Acting

If you live Nashville or the surrounding area, I offer a private, one-hour crash course in commercial and auditioning basics for $50.00.  You’ll learn about Commercial Acting In Nashville, the agents, their fees, casting directors and who the major production companies are.  I’ll teach you How to Audition for Commercials from start to finish, when you walk in the door to the time you exit.   Interested in doing Commercial Voice Over Work?  With VO, as we say in the biz, it’s “who” you know and having a sample CD or email upload of your work.  I can get you going in the right direction and offer insight.  You’ll also learn The Best Colors For Camera, being prepared with the right look with Wardrobe for Auditions.  Whether that calls for business, soccer Mom or Dad, at home Mom or Dad, upper casual, business casual, trendy, medical and the ever important, “extra.”  The ladies need to learn what Camera Ready Makeup means: less is more because the lens magnifies everything.   And don’t forget Camera Ready Hair, as natural as possible and being open to new looks if yours isn’t working.   Everyone can have them at one time or another…better known as “Audition Nerves.”   I’ll teach you how to displace your negative energy with an easy trick.  This also involves your Audition Body Language And Hands as well.  We’ll practice on video to boost your confidence and you’ll see the difference instantly.  The truth is on the film or video.   If you have an accent, too southern or too northern, it can be a strike against you in the commercial world.  I can teach you some easy steps to adjusting that with Phonetics Coaching for Commercials.  And last but certainly not least, What To Know About Headshots.  It’s your calling card, it better be good! 

Call me at (615) 754-9776 or email me to discuss how I can help you achieve success as a commercial actor!

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